Safemoon Daily Report 1

After two weeks of casual cruising among the stars, today saw an influx of ignitable fuel be added to the tank. The ship’s passengers have become restless the last few days, though a whisper of hope has been heard passing from ear to ear. A rumbling that the next jump to lightspeed may be imminent.


The ongoing issue with SafeMoon’s CoinMarketCap ranking has still not been resolved, even with many of the community petitioning the website for support on the issue. Today, the SafeMoon team took a more direct approach on Twitter.

Last Sunday’s AMA included the reveal of the upcoming SafeMoon Wallet. While for many, this is overshadowed by the upcoming releases of the Safemoon Exchange and Operation Phoenix, the wallet is still of high importance. Today, the SafeMoon team showed off a few more features of the upcoming app.

Mission Milestones

Today saw SafeMoon break some truly historic milestones. The first one being the number of watchlists containing SafeMoon on CoinMarketCap. Today marked the toppling of 1.2 million watchlists, which is significant as that is the number of watchlists tracking Bitcoin.

The growth of the #SAFEMOONARMY has been parabolic and today saw the Safemoon twitter account surpass 500,000 followers!

Finally, the number of new SafeMoon holders shot up again, surpassing over 1.6 million.

From The Crew

Little was announced from the crew today, though Thomas’ post from yesterday certainly got a few people’s attention.

The main highlight of this thread was Thomas’ mysterious reply to a question regarding having under 100M circulating SafeMoon coins.

The circulating supply of SafeMoon coins is a hot topic at the moment. Many FUDders believe that deep-space price targets are impossible due to the massive market cap required with such a large number of coins currently available. 100M coins sounds like an unbelievably low quantity when we are currently sitting at over 500 trillion coins. This lead to a lot of speculation as to how this goal could be achieved. The obvious option and the gif posted by Thomas hint at the supply being burnt down faster than most of the community believes is possible through tokenomics. Another option mentioned was the use of a technique, similar to a traditional reverse stock split, which would effectively reduce the number of coins in totality, both in circulation and those held in diamond hands, by a specified factor. Could this rebirth be Operation Phoenix? For now, we can only wait and see what the lead ship engineer has up his sleeve.

Major Mentions

SafeMoon has been growing more and more popular as the days go by, though today, the entire community was stunned as SafeMoon was listed alongside VeChain and Dogecoin in the Wall Street Journal. Regardless of the article’s content, SafeMoon being mentioned in the WSJ is an impressive feat for a coin only a little older than 2 months.

Article source:

Moving onto the world of influencers, Ben Phillips, a long time hodler and one of the more prominent believers in SafeMoon can feel the next jump to light-speed coming.

During the WarOnRugs allegations, David Gokhshtein was asking some hard questions of the SafeMoon team and it seems by his “This doesn’t mean I like or don’t like Safemoon.” statement, he hasn’t quite decided his level of trust for the project yet. However, he was happy to mention the coin as the sound waves of the ship’s ion thrusters started firing up.

Community Highlights

Today’s highlights have one central theme and you can literally see it everywhere.

Billboards. Billboards. Billboards.

The community has been rallying together to spread the SafeMoon message far and wide, from Romania to Amsterdam. This reporternaut is certainly impressed by the magnificence of the SafeMoon logo being painted across the lands, from city to city.

Finally, this reporternaut cannot tell you how much he enjoys our own DaddbyB’s Whale Watcher Reports and would like to directly say thank you to DaddbyB for his continued hard work and inspiration.

For those of you who need more than a daily update, u/Recitings launched their Whale Watching platform so everyone can dig into the data and see what the whales are up to themselves. This reporternaut will still be relying on the daily updates from DaddbyB alongside his sage analysis of the raw data, though this platform looks mighty impressive and definitely worth taking a look at.


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.