SafeMoon Daily Report 10

There’s a fog of tension and anticipation hanging through space as we gear up towards tomorrow’s AMA. Starship SafeMoon has been cruising sideways for the past couple of days, while huge announcements have been dropping en mass. This combination of big news and consolidation has got the ship’s thrusters humming like a burst to light-speed could be coming. Will tomorrow’s AMA and the announcements regarding Operation Pheonix be the catalyst for the next burst up? We will soon find out.

While writing this report, Starship SafeMoon’s thrusters have begun firing hard. Light-speed could be imminent!


Similar to previous Saturdays, the announcements have been minimal today, as all eyes turn to tomorrow’s AMA. If you would like to tune in, the weekly SafeMoon AMA takes place on their Twitch channel at at 19:30 UTC. The team did post a couple of updates thanking the community for breaking 700K followers and for updating SafeMoon to rank #35. CoinMarketCap are starting to look like the odd one out, who still have SafeMoon ranked outside the Top 200!

While writing this report, SafeMoon posted another little video showing the ship’s journey towards their own exchange on the moon, while passing logos of major exchanges, including Binance, CoinBase and Kraken.

Mission Milestones

Just hours after posting last night’s report, the SafeMoon twitter account surpassed 700,000 followers! The growth on twitter has been astronomical and this reporternaut believes the account will reach the big 1 million milestone in a matter of weeks. Furthermore, the SafeMoon Instagram account just broke 100,000 followers! Lastly, SafeMoon’s ranking on increased significantly and is now approaching the Top 30.

From The Crew

CEO John Karony updated his twitter profile today with a new profile picture. This reporternaut thinks the snap looks brilliant, combining the SafeMoon hoodie with the crisp, white background gives this image a fitting balance of CEO-style professionalism mixed with new-age crypto authenticity.

Hank also posted another warning to new crypto-investors to be careful of scams and to never share your wallet details. Please remember, for those new to crypto, wallets can be confusing, please help keep everyone in the community safe wherever you can.

Finally, Ragnar SafeMoonson shared a little video from Farmo, which sums up some great information and will get the hype pumping through your veins from start to finish.

SafeMoon’s own Ben Phillips also updated his profile picture today, rocking SafeMoon Laser Eyes! Let’s Go!

Major Mentions

To kick this section off, it may not be a mention; however, after looking through SafeMoon’s followers, a few notable names stood out. SafeMoon is being followed by Call of Duty Pro OpTic Scump, James Cordon of the Late Late Show and the man who made Daily Content famous, Casey Neistat.

Zoltan Bathory, founder and guitarist of Five Finger Death Punch, mentioned SafeMoon today, along with some snaps of his Rally-dressed Ferrari 488, which is rocking the SafeMoon name below its rear bumper.

SafeMoon continues to push into the sports and fitness space. Today, world-renowned fitness trainer, powerlifter, bodybuilder, cover model and entrepreneur, Cory Gregory, announced that he was loading up during this consolidation period!

Community Spotlight

I want to start shouting-out some of you diamond-hand SafeMoon hodlers. Tonight’s inclusions from the SafeMoon Discord Channel are REX_the_X, elmer FUD and Matt! Hodl Strong!

With everyone helping get SafeMoon out there, from billboards to building projects, u/EdwordPaperhands reminded everyone today, that you too can help spread the word in your own special way. This reporternaut loved this wholesome post, great work Edword!


This reporternaut has been hoping someone would create a Snapchat/Instagram filter for SafeMoon and today, u/M1xDRiFT released theirs and it looks amazing!


Finally, if you’re looking for a way to add more SafeMoon to your home, u/ProofElectronic shared his wife’s SafeMoon Resin Coasters, which are now available on her Etsy store.



Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.