SafeMoon Daily Report 11

Every Sunday is typically a slow day, packed full of anticipation, as we await the weekly AMA; however, with the Operation Pheonix announcement scheduled for tonight’s episode, the suspense was intense. The AMA delivered some huge announcements regarding Operation Pheonix and the SafeMoon Card, which should both help with the mass adoption of SafeMoon. Following the AMA, Starship SafeMoon has started to dip, which is pretty typical when expectations are so high before an event. The word among the passengers is excitedly optimistic, with many hoping to see a jump to light-speed; however, there is mixed feelings as to how quickly the ion thrusts will take to fully power up.


Today’s AMA delivered a number of important pieces of information regarding upcoming SafeMoon Projects. Firstly, Operation Pheonix is focussed around mass adoption of SafeMoon, which will benefit holders by creating mass-burning and mass-reflections. A main component of Operation Pheonix will be the initial rollout of the coin into Gambia with support from the Gambian Ambassador-at-large, where mass adoption is expected within their population of 2.5M. Additionally, Thomas is working on technical portions of Operation Pheonix, which will be announced soon. Furthermore, the SafeMoon Wallet is introducing a fully-functioning, global SafeMoon Card.

A full set of highlights have been included below:

During the weekly AMA, the SafeMoon team showed a video demonstrating the features of the SafeMoon Card, which can be seen below:

Mission Milestones

From The Crew

Papa Thomas sent thanks to Cool & Dre, who were spotted retweeting SafeMoon’s post earlier today!

Hank put out a request for the fox, aka OG Kingfox, to get some laser eyes! There’s no doubt that the fox is rocking green eyes behind those shades, it’s time to show the world OG!

Speaking of the fox; OG Kingfox shared the hypocrisy of a certain SafeMoon FUD-throwing troll, who has recently been accusing the SafeMoon team of using legions of bots to inflate the coin’s meteoric growth.

Major Mentions

u/RecommendationDue915 shared a screenshot from last night’s UFC 262 Pay-Per-View, where someone in the audience had displayed a SafeMoon banner!


Founder and CEO Anti Danilevski mentioned the possibility of listing SafeMoon on KickEx.

Professional UFC fighter, Ode Osbourne, also mentioned SafeMoon and announced that he was watching the AMA with the rest of us!

Community Spotlight

Today’s community shout-outs go to: EL JEFE BEZOS (Discord), Tylerr (Discord) and u/mathiaskristensen03 (The Burn Watcher)

Volk Investing shared a great little graphic today to celebrate SafeMoon’s 69th day! Congratulations everyone, the coin’s growth in this small amount of time has been nothing short of astronomical.

u/Redbearded-viking shared his partner’s amazing piece of artwork, depicting a SafeMoon Dollar! This reporternaut is incredibly impressed with this piece!


Finally, for everyone who wasn’t happy with their status on the new SafeMoon Aquatic Species Chart, JayToTheF shared a Dinosaur-themed chart!


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.