SafeMoon Daily Report 12

Thank you to everyone for all of the amazing support, feedback and critiques over the past couple of weeks. Your support has been incredible!

I have listened to all of your feedback and I have heard you. The most common request I received, was to focus more on the statistics and metrics, as while the announcements are useful for catching up on the day, the numbers were the real value of the daily reports.

Based on this feedback, I am making a few significant changes to the report structure, which will maintain the current value, while providing all of you with further technical statistics each day, which should help equip you on this adventure through the stars.

While I am working from morning to night, this upgrade will take a day or two and thus, today’s report has unfortunately had to be cut short. I didn’t want to leave you without any updates, so I have included the updated Milestone Metrics below:

Finally, due to the changes in my daily schedule, it is no longer possible for me to maintain the same 24-hour (on the dot) schedule. Moving forward, I aim to continue maintaining the daily release schedule; however, the time between posts will vary between 12-36 hours. For example, one report may release at 10AM on Monday and then the next report may release at 4PM on Tuesday. Furthermore, I will strive to allow a minimum of 12 hours between reports to allow for adequate data collection.

See you all tomorrow with a brand new SafeMoon Daily Report!


Hodl Strong. Reporternaut Out.