SafeMoon Daily Report 13

As promised, the SafeMoon Daily Report has returned in an augmented format! I have added a number of additional technical statistics and metrics relating to SafeMoon, which will help us measure the coin’s daily growth and visualise a comparison against the surrounding crypto market.

Today, Starship SafeMoon has fired her thrusters and recovered from the post-AMA dip well; however, the gravity caused by the dipping crypto market is holding her back. A number of large announcements were made over the weekend and additional notable influencers have started supporting the project, which has created a feeling of anticipated excitement among the passengers. Most people within the community are still expecting a push up; however, the timing of the burst is up for debate.


The SafeMoon team announced today, that Bitrue has officially been confirmed as an official SafeMoon exchange. Bitrue is currently ranked at #79 on CoinMarketCap and has a 24 hour trading volume of over $3 billion.

Secondly, the Official SafeMoon Merch is back in stock at CEO John Carony and COO Jack Haines are shown rocking their own official SafeMoon Hoodies.

From The Crew

CEO John Karony confirmed that three exchanges, BitMart, ZBG and MXC are all actively employing tokenomics. Furthermore, he mentioned that the team are currently working with other exchanges to integrate tokenomics on their platforms too.

As SafeMoon continues to grow, more and more misinformation is beginning to appear. John also posted a reminder to everyone to ensure you do your own research.

While the SafeMoon team are constantly praised for their work, they have also been receiving an incredible amount of criticism lately. Papa posted a tweet including one of Elon Musk’s previous interviews, which this reporternaut feels is quite fitting.

COO Jack Haines isn’t overly active on Twitter; however, today, he jumped on to share some positivity towards the future.

Finally, CM Trevor Church shared a piece of cover art designed by 3PanelCrimes, which depicts the SafeMoon team. This reporternaut loves the concept of a comic book and would be glad to see a special release in the future, detailing the events of SafeMoon’s first year.

Major Mentions

Dave Portnoy shocked the internet yesterday, when he joined Team SafeMoon and publicly invested $40,000 into the coin. Dave made the announcement in spectacular fashion, which is definitely worth taking a look at.

Furthermore, this video went viral, racking up thousands of shares and favourites in a matter of minutes. The video also brought in hoards of compliments and criticisms; however, it has also lead to some major recognition for SafeMoon, as today Fox Finance News covered the video and SafeMoon.

It didn’t stop here though, as MarketWatch soon picked up the video and ran their own article regarding SafeMoon.


Finally, Big Cat from Dave Portnoy’s Barstool Sports mentioned SafeMoon on his own Twitter account.

Technical Data and Metrics


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.