SafeMoon Daily Report 14

Starship SafeMoon dipped heavily today, along with the entire crypto market, as large revelations disclosed by China increased doubt in the already declining Bitcoin market. Furthermore, when the gravitational tractor beams engaged from Earth, Starship SafeMoon was up near her All Time High, which has lead to a sharp fall. However, the sentiment among the passengers is that confidence remains in this project and as the overall crypto market recovers, so will SafeMoon. The question is, can SafeMoon use the momentum gained during recovery to push into uncharted space?


Another day passes and another exchange officially lists SafeMoon. The team confirmed today, that SafeMoon will be listed on LBank, who are currently ranked #42 on CoinMarketCap and process over $3 billion in daily volume.

In response to the entire crypto market experiencing a significant dip today, the SafeMoon team have posted a number of updates to help calm the nerves of the loyal diamond-handed hodlers.

Lastly, Hank announced that the official SafeMoon Discord Server now has an increased member capacity of 250,000! With the Discord server imminently approaching 100,000 members, this update came just in time!

From The Crew

CEO John Karony shared a hilarious factoid that his Reddit account is currently Shadowbanned. Let’s hope he can get that rectified quickly!

The man at the top also shared some words of support and solidarity with all those currently holding crypto throughout this dip.

CM Trevor Church, aka Ragnar SafeMoonson, shared another one of Farmo’s exhilarating speeches!

Web Dev, OG Kingfox, shared his thoughts on the AMA. This Reporternaut is glad to see the Apple Pay integration getting attention as it was one of his favourite parts of the show.

Major Mentions

The tremendous dip occurring within the crypto market has lead to a number of very notable publications running related stories. Furthermore, as one of the hottest coins on the market, Forbes, Esquire and Fortune all mentioned SafeMoon within their articles!




Following 2 days of community discussions, David Gokhshtein announced that he has now made peace with the SafeMoon Community! This Reporternaut wants to remind everyone, that while it is tough having to constantly fight FUD, SafeMoon strives to be an inclusive community.

Continuing the love, BillyM2k, aka Shibetoshi Nakamoto, the Creator of Dogecoin, shared his feelings in response to the above tweet.

Finally, MarQuis Trill mentioned SafeMoon and noted that he has reached out to the SafeMoon team, as he is considering publicly sharing and discussing the coin.

Technical Data and Metrics


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.