SafeMoon Daily Report 15

The crypto market is still in a state of turmoil, with Bitcoin currently balancing between entering a downtrend or rebounding back up; however, as the market-wide dip started to relax slightly, Starship SafeMoon engaged her ion thrusters and pushed hard, back into the green. The sentiment among the passengers remains positive for the long term, though with Earth’s gravitational tractor beams still engaged, the future is uncertain for the short term. Starship SafeMoon may experience some turbulence, though if the market significantly improves, she could potentially surge following the past few weeks of announcements and exchange listings.


Whether or not the weekly SafeMoon AMAs should move to a pre-recorded format has been a topic of hot debate for the past few weeks. On one hand, live AMAs allow for a greater sense of community between the Team and the holders; however, with the market reacting so significantly to technical difficulties and imperfect answers, a pre-recorded, polished and succinct format may be preferable.

Today, CEO John Karony tweeted a poll regarding pre-recorded AMAs vs live ones. This Reporternaut would have liked to have seen a third option included, offering a mix of both, with a pre-recorded announcement section followed by a live AMA section. Furthermore, it could be useful to create a community voting list for questions, as opposed to random selection.

Furthermore, someone has created and posted a scam app on the Google Play Store, which is impersonating the upcoming SafeMoon Wallet app. Please note, this app is not official and is very likely a scam!

From The Crew

John was more active than usual on Twitter today, who also shared an updated list of officially confirmed exchanges, as well as details regarding which of them are currently implementing Tokenomics.

Major Mentions

Most of the mentions today, continued to revolve around Dave Portnoy’s interest in SafeMoon. Firstly, Dave was back on Fox Business News, where he again, mentioned SafeMoon directly and fought back against claims that he is manipulating the crypto market in a manner different to traditional media and the stock market.

Dave went on to further discuss SafeMoon and the recent bounce back in price on his Davey Day Trader Global show.

Following his public investment of $40,000 into SafeMoon, the concept of a SafeMoon-related Ask Me Anything with Dave Portnoy has been floating around the community. Today, Shaun Witriol asked his fans whether he should reach out and try to make that happen.

Technical Data and Metrics


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.