SafeMoon Daily Report 16

Yesterday, we discussed the crypto market still being in a period of uncertainty and today, it took another dip down. Starship SafeMoon certainly had a rough day today; Earth’s gravitational tractor beams were fully engaged and a head-on gust of solar winds gave the ship another push. The word among the passengers, through the gloom of the current position, was still a lot of joy, as it seems a number of members were hoping to upgrade their positions, should a dip of occurred. Furthermore, the ship may still be in for more turbulence, with some expecting the downtrend to continue for a few more days, though overall, most opinions remain positive over the long term.


CEO John Karony shared the exciting announcement today, that the SafeMoon Team is expanding! The latest addition is David Smith, who will be the Chief Content Officer (CCO) at SafeMoon and who has over three decades of experience in film production. This Reporternaut is ecstatic to see the team expanding with the growth of the coin. It is easy to forget that this project is only 2 months old, though with the incredible growth it has had, expansion is certainly necessary. Welcome to SafeMoon David, we look forward to seeing the content you bring!

Following this, the team also shared another video regarding the SafeMoon Wallet. This Reporternaut enjoyed the subtle message also conveyed to holders during this dip.

Finally, Hank shared that today, the SafeMoon Discord Server broke the 100,000 member milestone!

From The Crew

Kicking off this section, the new addition, Dave Smith, shared a rather fitting tweet to share the landing of his new role.

Website developer, OG Kingfox, shared a snap of a SafeMoon billboard, which he passed on the i30.

Major Mentions

Ledger, a favourite cold-storage wallet of cryptocurrency holders, shocked the internet today when they used SafeMoon’s logo in a very defamatory image, atop a very cynical article. This Reporternaut is glad to see publications and projects helping to educate newcomers to the crypto space, though it should be done objectively! There is no doubt that there are plenty of scams circulating the crypto world; however, naming SafeMoon directly, showing their logo casting a shadow of a skull and pulling Dave Portnoy’s quotes blatantly out of context is the diametric opposite of objective education. This article is truly startling from a company as well respected as Ledger.


EDIT: Please note, Ledger have now removed the images show above in their tweet and article.

Cryptofam3 shared today, that during a discussion regarding China’s stance on cryptocurrencies (according to Chinaseyo on Twitter), SafeMoon’s logo was displayed on a Taiwanese news broadcast.


Technical Data and Metrics


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.