SafeMoon Daily Report 17

The marketwide dip currently effecting the entire crypto market continued today, which has furthered Starship SafeMoon’s downward freefall. There is a murmuring circulating the ship’s passengers, where some believe a release of Earth’s gravitational pull on the ship, could occur over the next couple of days, though the theories lack any real evidence. Regardless, the sentiment regarding the SafeMoon project is remaining positive, with many hoping to see a major announcement at this weekend’s SafeMoon Sunday.


Today, CEO John Karony, posted “A Message from the CEO” on the SafeMoon subreddit. The post detailed information regarding the hiring of David Smith and the growth of the marketing team, the new legal team, which will be helping to fight the FUD through legal means, and a little reassurance that the team are working on better solutions regarding exchanges and how they implement Tokenomics.

Overall, this Reporternaut was happy to see the SafeMoon team directly responding to the questions circulating the community; however, one can also see people’s concerns regarding the Reddit post. The post mentioned previous spelling issues directly, while including a few notable ones in the text. Furthermore, the answers could have been more succinct and detailed. This Reportnaut also believes, based on the growth and statistics alone, John is doing an incredible job as CEO; however, the time has come for the company to take a more professional approach to communications. Hiring an experienced person or two, as either Head of Public Relations or Head of Community Relations, to be the bridge between the community and the team, and to appear on the many AMAs, podcasts and television interviews would, in this Reporternaut’s opinion, be a wise move. As SafeMoon continues her exceptional growth, the number of requests for media appearances and community interactions are only going to grow.


From The Crew

Papa Thomas retweeted a post from Mackenzie Driscoll today, which includes, in this Reporternaut’s opinion, a grounded and realistic explanation of the scale of the projects being undertaken by the SafeMoon team, which is worth a read.

The new SafeMoon Chief Content Officer, Dave Smith, posted a comment on Reddit today, clarifying that he wasn’t the person who wrote the previous and popular, “We need to talk” post. Furthermore, he mentioned that he is currently London based and most importantly, dropped a hint that SafeMoon Sunday, the weekly SafeMoon AMA, will be receiving an update.


Finally, can someone please check that Hank isn’t stuck under a mountain of DMs, screaming for help, following John’s directions to message him in the last AMA. He said he would talk to us tomorrow… it has been 4 days!

Major Mentions

Major mentions were a little quiet today; however, SafeMoon did appear in the crypto section of an article from Inverse.


Technical Data and Metrics


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.