SafeMoon Daily Report 18

The entire crypto market continued to free-fall today, with Starship SafeMoon continuing to descend drastically. However, today’s SafeMoon Sunday delivered a number of positive and notable announcements, which could help bring some stability to the ship. The sentiment among the passengers is continued positivity for the project’s long-term future; however, many feel that the overall declining crypto market may hold the ship back from flying upwards immediately.


We have arrived at another SafeMoon Sunday! This Reporternaut was impressed with the new and improved format of the show. The intro video was slick, the announcements were noteworthy and the Q&A segment was succinct. This is a significant improvement over previous AMAs; however, it would be nice to see an outro video added in the future, summarising the major announcements.

Below are the highlights from today’s SafeMoon Sunday:


From The Crew

CEO John Karony helped clear doubts regarding the legitimacy of The Gambia’s Ambassador-at-large, Sankung Jawara, and SafeMoon’s partnership with him, when he posted an image of the two of them working together, as far back as 2018.

John also shared his opinion regarding some of the toxicity witnessed between crypto-communities. This Reporternaut also believes crypto-project communities should be inclusive and welcoming of each other, especially when they are all working towards the same overall goals.

Hank is alive! He’s back and rocking some brand new merch!

Major Mentions

Dave Portnoy announced on Twitter, in typical Dave Portnoy fashion, that he hasn’t and isn’t planning on selling his SafeMoon!

Grant Stuard, the new addition to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defense, told the world that his first purchase with his NFL signing bonus was SafeMoon!

Ben Phillips shared his thoughts regarding the future of major cryptocurrencies, including SafeMoon.

Technical Data and Metrics


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.