SafeMoon Daily Report 2

The ion thrusters engaged last night for a quick burst forward, though just as the stars started blurring into lines, a bunch of paper-handed crazies pulled back on the accelerator. The ship slowed to a halt, though that’s all for now. The hearsay among the passengers is that the diamond hands holding the throttle will get us moving once again, though it may take a few hours to accelerate back up.


Certik officially released the Security Score for SafeMoon at a magnificent 83/100! To put this number into perspective, the auditors gave USDT a Security Score of 81.

The ranking of SafeMoon on CoinMarketCap is still yet to be updated, listing the coin at Rank #2489. However, today the Market Cap for SafeMoon was updated with an orange flag and a note. While this flag isn’t the most pleasant way of them showing the note, the change is positive news that hopefully, CoinMarketCap will also update the SafeMoon ranking soon.

Mission Milestones

Today, SafeMoon toppled 1.7 million holders, edging us closer that big 2M milestone. The rate of growth this coin is taking is incredible, with us being up 100,000 new holders since yesterday alone.

Shaun Witriol posted a number of impressive statistics that show the dominance of SafeMoon across the internet. Keep up the great work SAFEMOONARMY.

SafeMoon is now climbing the ranks over on CoinRanking and has broken the Top 30, reaching 28th. This reporternaut cannot explain how impressive it is for SFM to be sitting among such notable coins after a little more than 2 months since launch.

From The Crew

The man behind the SafeMoon website, Kingfox himself, shared that Certik Skynet is now available for SafeMoon too. For those unaware, Skynet is an automated security check against known smart contract vulnerabilities, which it then provides a score for.

Hank shared the words of Farmo, while relating him to LoL streamer Tyler1; a reference this reporternaut can definitely appreciate. Hide your headsets!

Thomas also shared his hilariously unique, yet incredible wizard cloak of the day.

Major Mentions

Following on from yesterday’s mention of SafeMoon in the Wall Street Journal, the WSJ community team further shared the article on twitter with a SafeMoon namedrop.

The article was then further discussed on CNBC, where Squawk Box’s Joe Kernen mentioned wanting some SafeMoon himself.

SafeMoon also gained traction within the NFL with The Colt’s Isaac Rochell requesting his paycheque in SafeMoon!

Community Highlights

Yesterday’s theme of ‘billboards everywhere’ continued today, except in a slightly different manner as the smaller fish on the ship started to advertise in their own unique, yet ingenious ways.

u/Midfor got the party started with an incredible SafeMoon edit of Pump It Up. This reporternaut must admit that he could hear the song pumping before he even hit the play button! This edit is truly epic.

u/IGHProperties is setting up SafeMoon’s first marketing agency and posted an update on their progress towards dominating the digital landscape with SafeMoon Ads.


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.