SafeMoon Daily Report 20

Following yesterday’s burst upwards, Starship SafeMoon’s thrusters exhausted their initial charge and the ship has since started to recede a little. The market is in a precarious position currently and could go either direction from this point. The passengers among the ship are more mixed in their feelings today, with many expecting a period of consolidation from here. Uncertainty seems to be the prevailing emotion at the moment. It’s like the quiet before the storm… though which direction the storm may send the ships, no one can tell.


Today, the official SafeMoon Twitter account was verified! This is a remarkable achievement for a cryptocurrency, which is only a little older than 2 months. Comparitively, other major cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin, are yet to receive their verification.

Furthermore, the team announced that a new set of SafeMoon stickers have been added to the official merch store.

Finally and in more unfortunate news, CEO John Karony announced in a new ‘message from the CEO’, that the WhiteBit exchange shall not be implementing Tokenomics.


From The Crew

CEO John Karony sent a welcome over to Simplex, who are partnering with SafeMoon to process Fiat On-ramping and the SafeMoon Card.

Web Developer, OG Kingfox, surpassed 4,000 followers on Twitter! The growth continues!

Papa Thomas shared another subtle hint with a bridge emoji. What could the wizard be working on?

Finally, Hank got a little excited at the official SafeMoon account’s new verified status.

Major Mentions

Simplex shared the SafeMoon Press Release today, helping to spread the word about the upcoming partnership. This new partnership will allow for SafeMoon to be purchased directly from the SafeMoon website with Fiat currencies, which is a significant improvement to accessibility over the current process. Simplex are also partnering to provide processing for the SafeMoon Card and parts of the SafeMoon Wallet.

One of the UK’s largest media outlets, The Sun, released an article discussing SafeMoon today.


A hugely successful and popular YouTube channel, What’s Inside?, who currently has over 7m subscribers, posted a new video today, in which the host was wearing a SafeMoon hoodie!


Technical Data and Metrics


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.