SafeMoon Daily Report 21

Overall, Starship SafeMoon had a successful day, outperforming many of the leading coins. The pull from Earth is yet to re-engage; however, while the market is slowly climbing back up, it’s still definitely balancing in a very precarious position. The word among the passengers is rather quiet, with most watching closely in anticipation. Furthermore, the crew have been working wordlessly from the ship’s bridge, which makes this Reporternaut wonder what they could be developing? Could a big announcement be coming soon?


SafeMoon Wallet will allow you to specify the Fiat amount you want to transfer in SafeMoon!


SafeMoon surpassed 2,500,000 holders!


From The Crew

This Reporternaut would like to second this warning. It’s okay for people to expand the list of coins they support, though that does not mean the SafeMoon community also supports them. Always DYOR.


You’re telling me!


Major Mentions


The Street released an article detailing SafeMoon.


David Gokhshtein seems to have joined the SafeMoon Army.


Juicy J was asking the right questions today!


Technical Data and Metrics


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.