SafeMoon Daily Report 22

With her thrusters currently running only on the fumes of anticipation for the SafeMoon Wallet, Starship SafeMoon drifted backwards a little today. Furthermore, the gravitational pull from Earth remained almost non-existent today, as currently the market is continuing to consolidate around its precarious position. Announcements and communications from the crew were minimal again today, which is out of the ordinary for the SafeMoon Team. This all makes this Reporternaut wonder if something big could be on the horizon?

Additionally, with the AMA being postponed his week and this Reporternaut’s schedule getting incredibly full, the Daily Reports will be taking a pause over this weekend and returning next week. If it is possible, updated statistics will be provided throughout the break.


The hype for the SafeMoon Wallet continues. The engine… to what, this Reporternaut wonders.

From The Crew

SafeMoon is feeling mighty flattered lately!

The SafeMoon Army won the vote! SafeMoon is coming to Super Crypto Kart!

Wen? Wen? Wen?

Technical Data and Metrics


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.