SafeMoon Daily Report 3

Today is a special day in the universe of Crypto, as we see our fellow dog-shaped Doge-craft ahead of us, currently approaching their moon destination with Captain Elon guiding them home from the lunar surface. Their success can only positively effect the entire landscape and the word spreading among the passengers aboard the SafeMoon Enterprise is that many of the DOGEARMY are planning on taking a shuttlecraft over to us, to lend a hand on our journey, once they have made some solid progress.


With the weekly AMA happening tomorrow, it was expected that the announcements would be small today, though the team did make another push for the latest SafeMoon merch. This reporternaut must admit that he’s a fan of those hoodies!

The team also launched a Charity Vote on Discord for donating $1M of the liquidity pool. The final result was to split the donation between both India Covid Relief and Children’s Charities. This reporternaut wants to take a moment to congratulate the team and everyone hodling for being part of such an amazing donation.

With Elon Musk’s appearance on Saturday Night Live taking place tonight, the SAFEMOON ARMY wanted to get the SafeMoon name trending on twitter prior to the event. With SafeMoon’s own OG Kingfox leading the charge, a twitter raid took place at 17:00 GMT where thousands of tweets launched from the ship’s laser cannons.

Everyone’s favourite Whale Watcher, u/DaddbyB dropped his 39th update today and it included some significant drops from SafeMoon’s largest holders.

Mission Milestones

The social following for SafeMoon is still growing at a tremendous speed, with the Discord breaking 80,000 members and the subreddit growing ever closer to that 200k milestone.

Furthermore, SafeMoon continues to climb the CoinRanking leaderboard and has smashed its way into the Top 25.

From The Crew

The accounts of the crew were quiet today, which is expected with the weekly AMA being tomorrow. However, CEO John Karony dropped a massive hint that announcements could be on the horizon by noting how far ahead of the roadmap the team was.

Major Mentions

The SafeMoon name is spreading further and further throughout the galaxy and today, SafeMoon received a number of notable shout-outs today from top sports stars.

Community Highlights

u/kennynol spotted a little covert communicae between Kraken Exchange and SafeMoon over on twitter. Could we see SafeMoon listed over on Kraken soon? Only time will tell.

As we have shared a few times in the Daily Reports, u/IGHProperties is on a mission to create the first SafeMoon Marketing Agency and wants to completely take over the digital landscape with SafeMoon advertisements. Today, IGH Properties announced the completion of their fundraiser to launch their first SafeMoon PR Campaign.

The billboards continue! u/3picSeb posted today that they saw another SafeMoon billboard as they passed the service station in the suburbs of Chicago!

Finally, on the theme of billboards, u/zascar shared an update regarding one of the biggest billboard promotion projects happening within the community: projecting SafeMoon onto the Burj Khalifa in Dubai!

Finally, for the few people unaware that Elon Musk will be appearing on Saturday Night Live tonight, and who has already been hinting at a special guest appearance from Doge, you can watch live on NBC or Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV and Fubo TV at 11:30PM ET. Who knows? He might even mention how safe the moon is.

Elon also shared a special link for viewing the show outside the US:


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.