SafeMoon Daily Report 4

The Dogefather himself hosted Saturday Night Live last night, dropping more than a few Doge references, which certainly helped spread the word about cryptocurrencies far and wide. As expected by many of the passengers aboard Starship SafeMoon, the wise words of ‘buy the hype, sell the news’ played out as the climbing Doge descended after the show. Unfortunately, SafeMoon didn’t get a direct mention, though the price has been consolidating nicely throughout the day. The talk among the passengers is that SafeMoon has all the potential to climb over the coming days and the SafeMoon AMA could be the catalyst for launch.


The weekly SafeMoon AMA took place on the official Twitch channel today, where CEO John Karony and COO Jack Haines shared a number of great announcements. The main points of interest from the AMA have been compiled into the following list:

The team also made a post showing their support for other crypto projects, teams and communities. They wanted to highlight that the crypto community supports one another.

Mission Milestones

Today saw some notable achievements. Firstly, SafeMoon broke past 1.8 million holders and is creeping closer to the big 2 million milestone. We are yet to see an update to our CMC ranking; however, SafeMoon is holding within the Top 25 on CoinRanking. Finally, the SafeMoon Facebook page broke past the 100k milestone.

From The Crew

The word from the crew was quiet today up until the AMA; however, CEO John Karony noted that SafeMoon is trying to evolve the world along with the rest of the crypto-space. Hank and Ragnar also shared a few words regarding the SafeMoon community.

Major Mentions

SafeMoon gained some excellent press coverage today over on HYPEBEAST.

Shaun Witriol also mentioned that he will be working with the SafeMoon Marketing Team to lead a community funded project, which will revolve around gaining additional exposure for SafeMoon.

Finally, more notable names are trying to get into SafeMoon, as can be seen by Jody Husky’s questions.

Community Spotlight

In-line with the support shown by the SafeMoon team, the community continued showing their support for neighbouring crypto communities, namely DogeCoin.


u/ClowningAroundNFTs posted a 3D spinning SafeMoon coin NFT, which this reporternaut must note how great it looks – might have to get a 3D printed coin one day!

u/ScoobyShaggyDoo shared their render of a SafeMoon Airlines plane, which this reporternaut believes would be a great addition to Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Finally, u/Mediocre-Bird7117 shared a picture of their car sporting a brand new SafeMoon decal. This reporternaut is impressed with how clean the final look is and would love to see similar decals join the SafeMoon Merch Store.


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.