SafeMoon Daily Report 5

The passengers were undoubtedly frustrated today watching Shiba get listed on Binance and skyrocket in price almost immediately. However, this reporternaut wants to remind everyone that while SafeMoon has a larger following and greater reach than Shiba, they have been around for a significantly longer period than SafeMoon’s 67 days. This listing is actually a positive sign for SafeMoon and shows that the larger exchanges are willing to list memecoins. With SafeMoon’s giant community, meme-style growth and usecases, it’s should just be a matter of time before bigger and bigger listings take place.

Starship SafeMoon took a slight fall following some early whale-sales, though she has recovered well and is looking to maintain her climb off of the newly positioned support. Yesterday’s AMA included a lot of great information and announcements, which should help continue the upward trajectory.


The burning continues and today, the SafeMoon team announced that over 412 trillion coins have been burned. Tokenomics is certainly showing its power and this reporternaut can only imagine the increase in burning once SafeMoon is being traded on the SafeMoon Exchange.

The team also shared the promotional video for the SafeMoon Wallet, originally unveiled in last night’s AMA. Looking past the sleek edits of this video, the SafeMoon Wallet is looking increasingly impressive, especially with the inclusion of modern mobile banking features such as the contact lists, goals and saving jars.

While we are yet to have an official confirmation from the SafeMoon team as to whether this is 1 of the 2 upcoming exchanges to be announced; Biki, a Top 30 exchange announced on their twitter today that they will be listing SafeMoon.

u/DaddbyB shared his latest Whale Watching report today, which included some sizeable sales from SafeMoon’s biggest holders. This could explain the dip in price we saw overnight.

Mission Milestones

Today saw SafeMoon topple 600K twitter followers, edging closer to the big 1M milestone. All of the coin statistics and social metrics are moving up, with Reddit knocking on the door of 200K. Finally, while most of the crypto rankings did not change significantly, CoinGecko decided to update their SafeMoon ranking to a correct value and thus, have earned a spot in this table.

From The Crew

CEO John Karony lead the charge today by publicly thanking CoinGecko for correctly ranking SafeMoon on their website, alongside another subtle dig at CoinMarketCap, who are still yet to fix their rankings.

John also posted a thank you to Simplex for their partnership. This reporternaut cannot understate how excited he is for SafeMoon to be easily purchasable with fiat currencies and the effect that could have on mass-adoption.

However, while all of the thanks were taking place, Thomas stole the show with a mic-drop tweet, where he revealed that the recently announced DOGE-1 mission was originally an idea he shared during his previous tenure at GEC.

Yes Thomas, you really are the wizard.

Major Mentions

Early this morning, RobinHood account holders received an email regarding Coin Crowding, which also included a mention of SafeMoon alongside other notable coins. While the community has mixed feelings regarding RobinHood, this reporternaut must admit that he believes RobinHood would certainly help with mass-adoption and purchasing of SafeMoon, especially prior to the launch of the SafeMoon Wallet.

Ash WSB launched a poll today on twitter to test popularity between Doge, SafeMoon and Shiba. The SafeMoon Army came together on this one and absolutely dominated the votes.

The billboard that steals the show in the next section was also shared on Newsweek today.

Community Spotlight

Today, the entire SafeMoon community was discussing the incredible work and achievements of u/IGHProperties. Their project to show a SafeMoon Ad in Times Square, New York above the NASDAQ building came to fruition today and this reporternaut must say, it looked glorious.


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.