SafeMoon Daily Report 6

Today saw SafeMoon officially launch on two new exchanges, one of which being inside the Top 10. As our captain warned, the new exchanges and BSC could not handle the immense volume of the SafeMoon Army surging. Regardless, Starship SafeMoon has continued to test the resistance and is pushing up towards the all time high. The excitement among the passengers has increased with Starship SafeMoon expected to rocket up into new areas of uncharted space. Who’s hungry for a zero?


To kick off the day, Biki, who was mentioned in yesterday’s report, was officially confirmed by the SafeMoon team as one of the two upcoming, planned exchanges.

Following this, while it hasn’t yet been officially confirmed on the SafeMoon channels, BitForex announced their listing of SafeMoon. It is expected that BitForex are the second of the two upcoming exchanges and this one is a massive achievement, as BitForex resides within the Top 10.

A couple of weeks ago, the captain of Starship SafeMoon warned everyone that the vast volume, which comes with listing SafeMoon, would surpass all exchange’s initial expectations. Today, he was proven correct. Within hours of their listing, BitForex had to enter maintenance.

The SafeMoon team also shared a small teaser for the upcoming SafeMoon Card, which was mentioned during the last AMA as one of the many benefits of the partnership with Simplex.

Mission Milestones

Today, SafeMoon broke a couple of impressive milestones. Firstly, the coin has surpassed 1.9 million holders and is imminently approaching the huge 2M milestone. Furthermore, all social platforms are continuing to grow rapidly and this morning, the SafeMoon subreddit smashed past 200K astronauts.

From The Crew

CEO John Karony shared some answers regarding the most asked question within the SafeMoon community right now – wen BitMart reflections?

This reporternaut is glad to see communication coming directly from the top regarding this matter and hopes that the issues resolved with BitMart will be communicated and used to prevent future issues with other exchanges.

For the developers among the passengers, an opportunity has arisen. Hank is currently recruiting for JR and SR Solidity Developers to work with the wizard.

Finally, OG Kingfox has updated the official website at with a new and improved How To Buy guide.

Thomas also posted an announcement on the Discord channel explaining that the team are currently in the process of migrating the V1 to V2 liquidity pools.

Major Mentions

SafeMoon was spotted in the UK media earlier this morning. Edinburgh News ran an article regarding our coin, which has also been syndicated around other outlets.

Tristan Sonnekus put out a tweet this morning stating that he would pay for half of the Burj Khalifa advertisement, if his tweet surpassed 10K likes. The SafeMoon Army destroyed that challenge like eating a whale for breakfast.

SafeMoon has also garnered attention within the esports community, which was highlighted today when Noble, a major esports organisation, shared their support for the SafeMoon Army.

Finally, SafeMoon also received a shout-out from Khalil Underwood.

Community Spotlight

For the few passengers who are struggling with the recent dips, u/alstade posted a piece of great technical analysis, which may help calm your nerves during the space-altitude wobbles.

u/A_yeasty_vagina shared a SafeMoon Star Wars edit today, which is both particularly well made and educational at the same time. This reporternaut must express how impressed he was with this edit and definitely recommends taking a moment to view it.

DocBloc shared a SafeMoon coin he created on Discord, which this reporternaut finds amazing. The 40mm diameter coin is constructed from brass, which was laser engraved and resin filled. The craftmanship on this piece is superb.

Finally, u/TroyIM shared his son’s 25th birthday present today, which could possibly be, one of the best gifts a father could give his child.


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.