SafeMoon Daily Report 7

Today, Starship SafeMoon engaged the hyper-drive and rocketed on up to a new all time high. Following the increasing price, the passengers on board are, quite rightfully, very excited for the coming days and it is expected that the ship will continue pushing up over the next few days. The ship’s captain has also hinted at an Operation Pheonix announcement this Sunday, which could be a catalsyst to further the acceleration.


The charts looked a little confusing today, when all of a sudden, a giant green candle dominated the landscape and surged the price up. This price movement was due to a number of large SafeMoon purchases, one for a value of $8 million.

However, the SafeMoon team clarified on Discord that this purchase was not from a Whale. These purchases were, in-fact, the team migrating the PancakeSwap liquidity pool, which Thomas announced he started working on yesterday.

CoinMarketCap finally decided to update SafeMoon on their website. They have now officially removed the orange warning flag and replaced it with a verified checkmark, along with updating the rank to #203. This rank is certainly better than the previously shown #2500+, though this reporternaut is curious as to how this rank was ascertained when all other listing websites have SafeMoon ranked within the Top 50.

Alongside CoinMarketCap updating their ranking, also updated their ranking for SafeMoon to #42. This is a much more appropriate ranking for the coin and further makes this reporternaut question CoinMarketCap’s #200+ position.

Finally, SafeMoon got three new exchange listings today from Decoin, Burency and WenX. Please note, none of these 3 exchanges have been officially confirmed by the SafeMoon team and it is recommended that you do not transfer funds there before an official confirmation is made.

The news gets better though, as Tyler from the Discord channel reached out to CEO John Karony, who clarified that the above exchanges are not the two upcoming Top 30 exchanges mentioned during last Sunday’s AMA. There’s more to come!

Mission Milestones

Today, SafeMoon surpassed 1.4 million watchers, which is 200K more than Bitcoin! Additionally, SafeMoon has broken past 1.9 million holders and is imminently approaching the huge 2M milestone.

From The Crew

CEO John Karony posted a couple of tweets today, one wishing everyone a happy Eid and the other, mentioning his enjoyment of working with Simplex and a hint at more big news to come.

However, Hank stole the show today, when he dropped his first country song! The song fulfils a promise made during one of the early SafeMoon AMAs and this reporternaut must commend Hank on how great it sounds! The song was also mastered by SafeMoon’s Community Manager, Ragnar Safemoonson!

Hank also shared a sneak-peek at the new banner for the upcoming SafeMoon Minecraft Server, which was designed by Duro.

Now that Skynet is enabled, SafeMoon continues to climb the Certik ranking. Kingfox shared that SafeMoon has now achieved a score of 88 and a ranking of #4!

Major Mentions

SafeMoon returned to the press today with an article from DeseretNews. The article covers the recent decline of DogeCoin alongside the rise of SafeMoon.


PancakeSwap also reached out to SafeMoon asking for a DM, which the community assumes was in relation to the V1 to V2 liquidity pool migration that took place today.

During a YouTube video last night, Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, mentioned SafeMoon alongside DogeCoin and Bitcoin as Magic.

Furthermore, SafeMoon also received a few mentions from notable names: Troydan, Khalil Underwood and Keith “KO kid” Berry!

Community Spotlight

u/suelo81 shared an incredible animation today of a crossbow shooting to reveal the SafeMoon logo. The edit is clean and sleek, though the ‘imminent’ detail really makes it pop!


u/Fun-Membership-6242 shared a SafeMoon Independence Day edit today that is superbly made. This reporternaut must admit he laughed a little too loud at the Certik truck!


Finally, u/CryptoBull80 shared a meme, which has been floating around the Discord for the past couple of days. This meme causes a chuckle at every viewing!


Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.