SafeMoon Daily Report 8

This morning, Elon Musk launched a tweet, which caused a gravitational wave to ripple through space, dropping the entire market simultaneously. However, in the midst of the chaos, a number of ships continued pushing against the forces imposed upon them. Similar to everyone else, Starship SafeMoon was effected by the ripple; however, our eco-friendly, ion-thruster powered ship, only took a slight dip down and is currently maintaining control around its supports. The word among the passengers is mixed today, with some expecting the push on the market to continue towards the weekend and with others, more optimistic that we will push towards the ATH. Regardless, the collective word is that, by the end of the week, the community expects Starship SafeMoon to be back on its upward journey.

Oh yeah… and we broke 2 MILLION HOLDERS! LET’S GO!


While it is not directly related to SafeMoon, below is the tweet from Elon Musk regarding Tesla, Bitcoin and fossil fuel consumption. This tweet occupied most of the landscape today, and SafeMoon responded with a little image, which perfectly sums up the benefits of SafeMoon’s tokenomics vs traditional Bitcoin mining.

Following this, SafeMoon shared a teaser of the upcoming SafeMoon Wallet and SafeMoon card. The key element of this teaser is the area towards the top right of the SafeMoon Card. Some of the ship’s passengers have speculated that this area is a screen, which will show the various cryptocurrency balances inside your wallet.

Finally, while I was writing this report, SafeMoon broke the incredible milestone of 2 million holders! Congratulations to the SafeMoon team and the entire community!

Mission Milestones

The whole community has been watching along as the 2 million holders milestone imminently approached. Today, SafeMoon broke the milestone. This reporternaut wants to take a second to congratulate the team and the entire SafeMoon community on this historic milestone – our growth is astronomical.

Additionally, the SafeMoon Discord channel toppled 90K members and is rapidly approaching the 100K milestone.

From The Crew

Starship SafeMoon Captain and CEO John Karony released another hint for Operation Pheonix today, along with confirmation that, if all goes well, the community should see an announcement on this Sunday’s AMA.

Papa Thomas announced that he has broken past 12,000 twitter followers! Congratulations Thomas, this reporternaut believes this number is still way too low and will increase exponentially throughout the rest of the year!

Hank announced today that the Discord server is now a Discovery enabled server. For those unaware, this means that SafeMoon’s server will now appear in a searchable list of approved servers.

OG Kingfox shared another teaser for the upcoming SafeMoon Minecraft Server.

Major Mentions

The biggest mention today came from rapper and songwriter Juicy J; however, it didn’t stop there, when Spitta replied letting the community know that he’s on the SafeMoon ship too!

SafeMoon’s own Ben Phillips shared his feelings on the Elon Musk tweet today, along with a nod to how strong the coin and the community are holding during this marketwide dip.

Community Spotlight

Cryptonomist shared an image today on the discord of a CNCed wooden SafeMoon logo, which his partner crafted. The craftmanship on this piece is excellent and this reporternaut cannot wait to see the result after painting.

While the creator of this one is currently unknown, REX_the_X shared this mock-up of a possible SafeMoon projection on the Burj Khalifa. This reporternaut cannot express how impressive this will look when the SafeMoon community delivers on this project!

Finally, u/ButterKnut shared a home-made SafeMoon balance tracker, built from a Raspberry Pi. This is an incredible idea for a desk ornament and this reporternaut would also love to see this piece of kit built into a wrist watch!



Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.