SafeMoon Daily Report 9

The ripples through space, caused by yesterday’s tweet, levelled out today and the crypto market began to return to normal. Throughout this entire event, Starship SafeMoon has continued flying with minimal turbulence and today, this trajectory continued with most of the movement being sideways. Meanwhile, some major announcements have been made and therefore, the passengers among the ship believe that this consolidation could volcano upwards at any time. One could even say that rocket launch could be imminent.


The SafeMoon team dropped a huge announcement today, when they released a short video showing all of the exchanges currently listing SafeMoon. At the very end of this video, a screen appears announcing that SafeMoon is coming to both Gemini and KuCoin, two of the biggest and distinguished exchanges in the crypto-market.

Following the toppling of the huge 2 Million Holders milestone yesterday, the SafeMoon marketing team delivered a brilliant video that this reporternaut definitely recommends watching.

OG Kingfox has also updated the official SafeMoon website with a couple of great additions. Firstly, a Markets page was added, listing all of the exchanges officially confirmed by SafeMoon, which this reporternaut recommends you check before making any purchases. Secondly, a page was added at where you can track your crypto-wallet.

Finally, Bitbns announced that they have now listed SafeMoon on their exchange, expanding the coin’s reach in India. However, please note that this exchange has not been officially confirmed and it is reccomended that you wait for official confirmation from the SafeMoon team before using the exchange to purchase SafeMoon.

Mission Milestones

While Starship SafeMoon continued travelling sideways today, every single tracked metric either remained the same or positively improved! Furthermore, the SafeMoon twitter account is rapidly approaching the 700K milestone and will likely surpass it within the next few hours. Finally, SafeMoon broke the impressive milestone of 6 million transactions!

From The Crew

The words from the SafeMoon team were quiet today, which is relatively normal leading up to the weekly Ask Me Anything on Sunday. However, CEO John Karony did share some thoughts regarding the impressive growth of the last two months, along with another hint at the word: ‘evolution’.

There was also some FUD circulating social media that SafeMoon was somehow using a number of… nay, an army of… nay, a legion of… well, a damn population of bots to fake SafeMoon’s incredible and rapid growth. Today, Hank and OG Kingfox put that to rest.

Following yesterday’s explosive tweet regarding Bitcoin mining and fossil fuel consumption, SafeMoon also decided to reply to Elon Musk with a subtle message, highlighting SafeMoon’s eco-friendly tokenomics alternative to traditional mining.

Major Mentions

Today, this is the section of the report where things get a little crazy. Just after the release of last night’s report, Jake Paul mentioned SafeMoon in his reply to Juicy J’s tweet. Regardless of your opinion of Jake, this mention is massive for SafeMoon’s exposure.

If you thought that was wild, you’re not ready for this next announcement. A recording from a Diplo concert was posted online last night, showing a giant SafeMoon logo on a suspended moon! The initial reaction around the community was scepticism as to the authenticity of the video, until Diplo himself confirmed the clip was real on his twitter account!


Additionally, SafeMoon also got some love from Sophie Dee!

The mentions didn’t stop here though, as this afternoon, CoinGecko mentioned SafeMoon when they announced that SafeMoon was the number 1 top trending coin on their platform!

Finally, when you start to believe that there couldn’t be any more major mentions, CEO John Carony, aka CptHodl, received a Cameo transmission from real-life astronaut, Terry Virts!

Community Spotlight

The big theme circulating the community today was SafeMoon’s adoption within stores across the globe. u/MarioKossayfe and u/phonesandcars both announced that their stores would be accepting SafeMoon as a payment option!



Getting a little more creative, u/fabgelato announced that they have started selling a SafeMoon flavoured ice cream, which is a mint gelato, rippled with chocolate fondent and chocolate coated popping candy. According to u/fabgelato, “Every scoop pops off in your mouth like a rocket. πŸš€”



Hodl strong. Reporternaut out.